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Touch provides a profound depth of connection unlike any other of our senses.  When we are at a loss for words because of overwhelming grief, touch provides a direct pathway for connection. When we feel heartfelt love, touch is our most natural expression. From birth, we require touch to survive. As we mature, we need touch to thrive.

Kate & Robyn

Welcome to Touch Advocates. We both are fortunate to have found a field we’re passionate about: therapeutic bodywork and the vital importance of touch. For decades we’ve used precise, nonintrusive touch to support, empower, and transform the people we work with. We also have witnessed how healthy compassionate touch has this same transformative capacity and is available to all of us in our everyday life. 


Our mission at Touch Advocates is to support our colleagues in their bodywork practices and to provide accessible resources for touch to deepen connection in our communities.


Skilled therapeutic touch promotes healing in itself and enhances every other medical and therapeutic treatment. Healthy compassionate touch belongs in our families, schools, and healthcare systems to help us enjoy lives filled with connection, health, and love.

Thank you for joining us,

Praise for Touch Advocates

"I am so pleased that Kate and Robyn, two excellent CranioSacral therapists, are inspired to teach and share what they know about presence and therapeutic touch. As we know, the neuroscience has finally confirmed that how we touch—and the safety we provide within that touch—plays a pivotal role in effective treatment outcomes. Beyond that, when we therapists know how to be truly present and clear in our boundaries with our clients and colleagues, it reduces burnout and re-energizes us in our work, so we can share the marvelous gifts we have with the world. 

I am also thrilled with what Robyn and Kate are doing to promote safe, respectful, and skillful touch in the healthcare arena. It is vital because in many settings these skills have been lost or abandoned, and they are shown to lead to improved outcomes."

- Suzanne Scurlock CST-D, 

Founder, Healing From the Core, Author of Reclaiming Your Body and Full Body Presence.

"I have worked with Kate since the murder of my 6-year-old son at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012. She has been instrumental in my personal healing and introduced me to the essential nature of compassionate touch. Having dedicated my life's work to children and cultivating safety in schools, I see the anxiety some have with touch. I began to understand the extreme importance of this in my own life and that of my older son in our physical, mental, and emotional healing. With the escalation of childhood trauma, healthy compassionate touch becomes vital in our education system.


Healthy Compassionate Touch is the cornerstone of healthy connection and emotional wellbeing. Kate and Robyn focus on the essential ingredients of meaningful existence, including healthy compassionate touch, that can and should be applied in any setting. My beloved son called this, 'Nurturing Healing Love' in his last message he left for us on our kitchen chalkboard. This is what will heal our world."

-Scarlett Lewis,

Chief Movement Officer, Jessie Lewis Choose Love 

When Kate first told me about doing a course for teaching people in the education community, as well as others, about how vital touch is to children and adults, and how to educate people to do compassionate touch safely, I nearly whooped for joy! I’d been doing articles about how schools were integrating practices based on ACEs science, and noticed that many schools had integrated a no-touch policy for students. Knowing how many kids desperately need hugs and other safe physical interaction, it broke my heart to see kids hurting for lack of compassionate touch, and knowing how much they could be helped by appropriate physical interaction. Kate and Robyn have developed courses that are sorely needed. Thank you both!

-Jane Stevens
Founder, publisher ACEsConnection.com  ACEsTooHigh.com

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