In 2001 Kate and Robyn each started their Craniosacral Therapy (CST) training, attending many classes together although they never managed to meet! A few years into their CST training they got to know each other through a study group they participated in for many years. Their friendship deepened when Kate was writing her book and Robyn came on board to provide editorial support. This type of collaboration either makes or breaks a friendship! 


Fortunately, they realized they work together really well, noticing that areas where one has a challenge the other has a strength. Since then Kate and Robyn have launched many projects: treating clients as a team, teaching laypeople about the benefits of healthy compassionate touch, and supporting their colleagues in the field of touch both in person and online. 

“One of the most important healers in my life. Thank you for your impeccable care, Robyn Scherr.”

- Sara Gottfried, MD

"Kate is probably the most accomplished Craniosacral therapist that I have ever come across."

- Wayne Dyer


CMT | CST-D | Author | Speaker


Robyn Scherr is Diplomate-Certified in CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, a presenter for the Healing from the Core curriculum, and a certified massage therapist in California.


Robyn has been involved in health education for more than 30 years, and for the past two decades has been using attuned touch to help her clients communicate with their closest companions: their own bodies. She maintains that consciously inhabiting our bodies is our most efficient path to greater connection, health, ease, and joy. Through truly living in our bodies—and consulting their deep intelligence—we can create a healthier, more peaceful, and joyful world.


Robyn promotes attuned and healthy compassionate touch because they provide resources our bodies can use immediately to calm the nervous system and release the effects of stress, injury, and trauma. With adequate resources, our burdens are easier to bear and our bodies heal. 


Robyn had the privilege of serving as editor for Kate Mackinnon’s excellent introduction to CST, From My Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with Craniosacral Therapy (HayHouse May 2013). She’s lectured at UC Berkeley and Kaiser Permanente on the history, efficacy, and appropriate roles massage and bodywork have in healthcare; and has had many articles published on the skillful use of touch. Robyn’s work is also featured in Dr. Sara Gottfried’s NY Times bestseller, Younger.


Robyn has a private practice in Lafayette, California. People in every stage of life and health benefit from her work: from conception through advanced age, those experiencing acute and chronic illness, and those interested in greater internal harmony and personal growth. She believes all of us benefit from touch that is informed by a deep respect for our unique lived experience and an acknowledgment of the stressors society and culture place upon us.

Connect with Robyn at www.LivingInTheBody.net and the following social channels:

PT | CST-D | Author | Speaker

Kate Mackinnon is Diplomate-Certified CranioSacral Therapy through the Upledger Institute, a presenter for the Healing from the Core Curriculum as well as being a licensed Physical Therapist in both California and the United Kingdom. 

Kate has been using touch to support her patients in their healing and in accessing their physical potential for the last 30 years. She spent many years working with children with disabilities, where she first came across CranioSacral Therapy.

She has found CST to be very effective in helping people access their own self healing mechanism and has seen amazing results using her hands in this more subtle and profound way. 

Kate is very excited to get this effective treatment more widely known through her book entitled From my Hands and Heart: Achieving Health and Balance with CranioSacral Therapy published through Hay House with a foreword written by Dr. Wayne Dyer, who was her patient and the impetus for her to write the book.


Kate is passionate about having a conversation about how we can all be more at ease around touch in a safe and compassionate way. She has partnered with Scarlett Lewis to bring this conversation into schools when working with Social Emotional Learning. Kate has developed an extension program called Healthy Compassionate Touch that is part of the enrichment program for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love Movement.


Kate has a private practice in Livermore, California and enjoys her connection with like minded health care practitioners in her local area.  Kate co-founded Soul Connection Healing Center where the group meets regularly to support each other in their work. 

Connect with Kate at www.kmackinnon.com and on the following social channels:

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