Nonintrusive Touch for Bodyworkers​

How much information are our hands capable of receiving?

Clients seek highly skilled manual therapists for their chronic pain issues. Imagine how effective your will work be when you can track and respond to inflammation, strain, and metabolic process accurately, and without force. You’ll become attuned to just what your clients need.


There’s no more precise and sensitive instrument than well-trained hands. Nonintrusive palpation makes any bodywork modality we practice more effective and enjoyable, and more comfortable for our patients/clients. 

Learn to palpate the tissues, fluids, and frequencies of the body—our various densities—with ease and specificity. Both light and deep touch practitioners benefit from learning to palpate with the natural weight of relaxed and alert hands.

Lecture, gentle proprioceptive movement, and sensory exploration will be balanced with plenty of practice time at the table. Come spend time with like-minded colleagues to attune your palpation to new textures and depths.

This class can be taught in a 2-day or 5-day format.

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