Robyn and Kate have a repertoire of classes they offer throughout the year. Classes can also be privately arranged. For more information, please email us.

Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business

Self-employed therapeutic practitioners have both a practice and a business. Many of us have great clinical skills but are challenged when it comes to setting up and maintaining a successful business. In this class, we address business building from a therapeutic paradigm. We explore all the necessary parts of a healthy business container.

This class can be taught in a 2-day or 5-day format.

Nonintrusive Touch for Bodyworkers

How much information are our hands capable of receiving?

Clients seek highly skilled manual therapists for their chronic pain issues. Imagine how effective your will work be when you can track and respond to inflammation, strain, and metabolic process accurately, and without force. You’ll become attuned to just what your clients need.

This class can be taught in a 2-day or 5-day format.

Healthy Compassionate Touch for Everyone

Help yourself, your friends, & loved ones (even pets) with simple

hands-on techniques. Learn how to stay present even when those around you are in distress.

Join us to explore:

• Basic techniques to help relieve pain & promote relaxation

• Clear anatomy and physiology so you can be confident when using touch

• The unique ways your body communicates with you to promote your health and wellbeing

• The benefits of being grounded and neutral, and how to create these states whenever you wish

This class can be taught as an inservice for one hour, half- or full-day format.

Nonintrusive Touch for Healthcare Professionals 

Exams and procedures can be stressful for patients and leave providers feeling depleted. By learning a nonintrusive approach that you can apply seamlessly in any encounter, appointments can be a calm experience for you and a therapeutic experience for your patients. Build rapport, increase adherence, and avoid burnout by becoming present and comfortable in your own body as you work.

This class can be taught as an inservice for one hour, half- or full-day format.

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