All about our multihands adventures + release of our book cover!

We hope you're doing well as we all head into Summer. The other (very hot!) day we got together as we do every month for a day of multihands appointments, when we see clients together as a team. We commented to each other how much we still enjoy it 5 years into our multihands adventures.

The added support these sessions provide our clients often accelerate their healing process, and always allow us all to achieve a depth that simply isn't possible seeing clients one-on one. Four hands are exponentially better than two, we've found. These days also give us an excellent opportunity to mentor therapists in a real-world, but still very contained and supportive environment.

Multihands days are our laboratory for continuing to develop our palpation skills. We've got to be able to communicate clearly with each other about what we're feeling under our hands! That built-in accountability helps us home in on what's most useful for our clients in the moment. We offer multihands appointments on the first or second Wednesday of the month.

We view CST as educated touch, a refinement of the good we all can do with touch. It's often said in CranioSacral therapy that we assess and then treat what we find; we base our treatments wholly in palpation rather than a preconceived notion of what we should do. We first learn to assess in CST by evaluating the body in regions (for example, comparing left to right, feeling from one diaphragm to another, measuring ease in movement from head to heels).

We've noticed that as our palpation skills have progressed we've become more specific with our assessments. That is, in our opinion, what makes CST so useful for revealing the root causes and most helpful ways forward for so many people. We can precisely touch into a tiny but pivotal area of stress and dysfunction, while holding an awareness of the entire body.

Ideally, as we develop as CST practitioners, our touch becomes a precise match to support the work our clients' bodies are already doing to improve and heal. When we're that precise, we don't add anything burdensome for the body to contend with. It's a science and an art that continues to fascinate and inspire us.

At our most recent multihands day, we reflected on how our commitment to these sessions—and the deep inquiry we engage in during them—has been the inspiration for all our collaborations, including our newest project, the book Elements of a Successful Business. We're thrilled to show you the cover!

We're currently double-checking the text formatting and making our final, picky edits. And we're also making peace with the fact that despite our best efforts at catching everything, we're sure to miss something. Ah, being human: still getting used to it. We're on track for a Fall release, and will get in touch as soon as we're ready for pre-orders later this Summer!

Thank you again for joining us and please stay connected with us with via Facebook and Instagram.

We would love to hear from you, so do let us know what is of interest to you. And please share our blog with any friends and colleagues you think would benefit.

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