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After more than a year and a half of transcribing, writing, and (endlessly) editing, we're now having the pleasure of watching people read our book.

Whether we've been able to sign your copy in person, or communicated through social media about your hopes for your business, we are grateful and thrilled you're diving in to Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business. We so appreciate developing our new connections and deepening our longstanding relationships with this amazing community of eclectic practitioners.

As we hoped when we first sat down to transform our online material into a book, so many of you are forming book clubs! You're meeting online, over the phone, and in your communities to support and uplift one another. Thank you for making our dreams come true, and thank you for your strong stand for health and healing where you live. We're looking forward to popping in on some of your meetings.

And yes! For those of you mentoring up-and-coming therapeutic practitioners and who wanted to order Elements in bulk, we've got you covered. Wholesale pricing is available!

As other Touch Matters projects simmer in development, we've been having a lot of fun talking about Elements. Kate spoke with Anita Moorjani on Facebook Live, and Robyn chatted with Ryan Hallford on the Craniosacral Podcast. The week our book released, Kate spoke to local folks in Livermore. The photo below is of one attendee's notes...her wheels were turning!

We do need your help to get Elements into every practitioner's hands. The most impactful way to do that is by writing Amazon and Barnes & Noble reviews. You don't even have to have bought the book from these retailers to leave a review. Just click on the Amazon  or B&N listing, and write what you're finding useful about the book. (and for those of you who don't like to don't have to put your real name...shhh, that's from Robyn) Thank you for your help!

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