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We wish you peace and joy as we move into the December holidays, and that you feel filled up in ways that work best for you. The science is clear: our bodies are hardwired for connection and bliss. The simplest things, like meeting someone's eyes or placing a quick but sincere hand on another person's forearm spread the felt sense of connection and joy (that's the neurotransmitter oxytocin at work!).

We are hardwired for bliss. —Candace Pert Molecules of Emotion

Connection is at the top of our minds this month, as we've been able to spend time with our extended families, carved out time to connect deeply with ourselves, and also visited with many of you who are reading and benefiting from our book. We're thrilled, filled with gratitude, and excited with every conversation, book club meeting, and interview we've participated in.

"Let's lift each other up!" is the last line in our Introduction, and one local Elements book club is really showing us how it's done. They're expanding their membership as they go along, so no one has to feel left behind. And get a load of all the professional variety they have! As of today, they're comprised of an aesthetician, spiritual counsellor, nail specialist, Physical Therapist, yoga teacher, psychotherapist, bioenergetic practitioner, hair stylist, reiki and massage therapist, and craniosacral practitioner. They're building their own businesses and tightening connections within their community. It's our dream come to life.

Speaking of books and community, we were delighted to spend an evening recently with Jen Pastiloff who also believes, as she puts it in her new book On Being Human, "in the power of lifting each other up." Jen is a connector who is full of presence. She and Kate first met when Kate was accompanying Wayne Dyer to an event more than 5 years ago; it was a sweet reunion for them, and the three of us connected around the urgent need to promote skillful and compassionate touch in healthcare settings for the well-being of both patients and practitioners.

Thank you for being in our community. An extra helping of thanks goes out to those of you who have taken the time to review our book online! The reviews show us we've written the book we wanted to write: one that gives practitioners the tools and permission to create the business they truly want, in language that's clear and to-the-point.

Again, we wish you warm and full hearts through this season, and a happy start to 2020!

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