Maintaining connection by amplifying presence

We were so pleased and excited to spend time with a bunch of you last week during our first "Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business...During a Pandemic" Zoom meeting. The discussion was rich (and went by so fast!). You'll see a snapshot of some of our engaged participants below.

We initially taught our online class and then wrote our book to make the process of private practice less mysterious for our colleagues. We realized that most of what makes businesses like ours successful is the clarity of the practitioners themselves. So Elements is perfect for times like these, when we have to take a fresh look at everything, such as the "what when and how" of our businesses and the thorny ethics issues arising for us. It feels so good to be connected with our fellow practitioners, and to hear how creative we all are becoming in finding ways to work while maintaining appropriate distance, reimagine our businesses, and take care of ourselves in the midst of so much uncertainty. And just like our success in business is more about our clarity than any particular way we do business, we'd believe our success therapeutically is more about how attuned we are than any particular technique we employ.  That's why, when we closed our office doors, we knew we could still hold effective sessions with our clients from a distance.

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