Navigating through constant change

We're so aware of how different life can be from one city to the next as each of our local areas responds to COVID-19. It can be so destablizing! Some of us are slowly and carefully expanding our bubbles, mindfully increasing the number of people we have physical contact with. And if you are living in an area that has increasing numbers you may be decreasing your bubble again. Either way, we're mindful about having as much meaningful physical contact as possible with those in our bubble.

But we're still physically at a distance from many of the people we care about, so we're being creative in finding ways to have a felt sense of connection. Just this week, Robyn was having a physically distanced picnic with close friends. It did her heart so much good just seeing her people, even with the extra steps of masking up and hand sanitizing before serving food and keeping to separate (and distanced) blankets.

They're an affectionate group by nature, so when it was time to say goodbye it felt incomplete to just tap toes or wave from 6 feet away. So Robyn suggested connecting in a way she adapted from her studies with Healing From the Core. They stood in a circle as each person gathered their awareness (their felt sense) into their own bodies, and extended that felt sense down into the earth below them, like tree roots. They then "reached out" their roots to each other. This created a felt sense of connection in each person's body, not quite the smoosh of a hug, but palpable and nourishing. How are you relating to touch in these challenging times? Also we are curious about how you are navigating all the challenges that are impacting therapeutic businesses. We have found great value in talking with colleagues and clients about how we set things up and staying open to ideas about how we can improve. These are times where it is very clear that we need to be holding ourselves to the highest ethical standards. There is so much shifting below our feet we have to able to respond swiftly. This can be particularly challenging to do if we have trouble recognizing or admitting when we make a mistake. Speaking to this, Robyn has a feature article in the July/August issue of Massage & Bodywork magazine on the importance of reckoning with how we bodyworkers miss the mark in our work, and how to respond to the inevitable mistakes we all make. We wish you all well in mind, body, and spirit.

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