New Name, Same Mission

You'll notice we have a new name: Touch Advocates. As we have been developing this platform, it became clear that advocacy is at the heart of what we do. So there's no time like the present to adjust and make our name fit what we're up to.

We are delighted to report that touch is becoming a more popular topic in research circles, in both medicine and the social sciences. The BBC's All in the Mind podcast produced a compelling and entertaining episode reviewing the current state of touch research.

One of our favorite segments was about training surgeons in the detailed art of accurate palpation. Imperial College London's vascular surgery department employs Fleur Oakes, a lacemaker, as artist in residence to create textures that mimic human tissue. Have a listen and please do tell us what you think!

The BBC is also sponsoring its own exciting research, and you can participate. Just scroll down on the episode's web page, and click on The Touch Test. You'll be taken to a unique link that records your responses to questions about your experiences around touch. We believe this is a wonderful opportunity to contribute to the knowledge base, and to promote skilled and compassionate touch. We hope you'll participate!


We had the weird experience of a simultaneous stomach-dropping unease with a sigh of relief when we decided to move to Touch Advocates. It's a much better fit for what we're about, but it also means changing our emails and website, business card and written materials. A shift like this can be daunting! But we're taking things step by step, at a pace we can manage. (and we apologize in advance should we miss a link) Ever made a change midstream? Drop us a line and let us know.

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