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We're so excited to announce that Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business is ready for pre-orders on Amazon! When you order today, you'll have your book when it's released on September 13th. Send us an email with your order number and we'll give you free access to our September 15th online Q&A about the book and our approach to business. Skillful therapeutic work helps our clients heal and empowers them to live their lives fully. As you know, we want as many people as possible—everyone, really—to have access to the therapeutic work that will most help them. That means we need plenty of therapists of all stripes to thrive in their businesses.

Practitioners who have thriving businesses, with their needs taken care of, have the opportunity to create space and time to serve their communities in a sustainable way. Pro bono work and volunteering are some of our most rewarding endeavors, and we know so many of you agree. This is why we are passionate about supporting our colleagues in their businesses.

One meaningful example is Kate’s development of the Healthy Compassionate Touch curriculum for the Jesse Lewis Choose Love SEL program. It's truly a labor of love, requiring scores of hours in both development and outreach. But the rewards are huge: teachers and entire school districts around the country are bringing touch into their classrooms in respectful, nurturing ways that fit their cultures and communities. We all require touch to thrive. Children need touch that nourishes and nurtures them so that they can grow and learn. It’s not an extra. It’s a necessity. And the Healthy Compassionate Touch curriculum fills a great need. We're working on other projects, too, to bring healthy and skillful touch to families, schools, and healthcare settings. You'll be hearing about these in the coming months.

Thank you again for joining us and please stay connected with us with via Facebook and Instagram.

We would love to hear from you, so do let us know what is of interest to you. And please share our blog with any friends and colleagues you think would benefit.

In gratitude,

Kate and Robyn

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