Remembering rest and digging back into the research

As the days grow shorter here in the Northern Hemisphere, we're settling in to slow-cooked meals, long walks, and time with family. Just the other day Kate wondered out loud where we ever found time to write a book! The truth is, while we shaved some time from our client work, we took a lot of time away from the very activities that rejuvenate us. That's how big projects get done. Now we're recalibrating, and prioritizing rest and connection, just in time for the holidays.

We're also digging back into some of the research that inspired us to create Touch Matters, including studies regarding Adverse Childhood Experiences and their societal partner, Adverse Community Environments (both known as ACEs). Healthy Compassionate Touch in our families and schools, and Skillful Touch in the medical profession, can help reduce the incidence and negative effects of ACEs.

We're particularly gratified to know that leading lights working to reduce the effects of ACEs applaud our work at Touch Matters:

Knowing how many kids desperately need hugs and other safe physical interaction, it broke my heart to see kids hurting for lack of compassionate touch, and knowing how much they could be helped by appropriate physical interaction. Kate and Robyn have developed courses that are sorely needed. Thank you both! —Jane Stevens Founder and publisher of &

To learn more about ACEs and how they affect individuals and communities, visit and

Dr. Gabor Maté writes eloquently about ACEs and and how they lead to health challenges in adults in his book When the Body Says No. You can also read Dr. Nadine Burke Harris's The Deepest Well, about her time as a pediatrician in an underserved community, and how she harnessed the results of the ACEs study to both help change how she delivered care and understand the dynamics of her own family. We continue to be inspired by the ways you're making use of Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business, and bringing your business dreams and plans to life. Keep us informed! In the coming weeks we're looking forward to joining in on some of your book club meetings.

We do need your help to get Elements into every practitioner's hands. One impactful way to do that is by writing Amazon and Barnes & Noble reviews. You don't even have to have bought the book from these retailers to leave a review. Just click on the Amazon  or B&N listing, and write what you're finding useful about the book. (and for those of you who don't like to don't have to put your real name...shhh, that's from Robyn) Thank you for your help!

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