Touch is an essential nutrient

How are things in your world? Have you expanded your social bubble? Restarted your practice or seen your bodyworker? Or are you still very much sheltering in place? How is your heart? Are you marching? Standing for justice on your porch or street corner? Having meaningful conversations with those in your circles? And how are your body and soul? We all had to find ways to cope with significantly less touch to "flatten the curve" and make room in our healthcare systems for Covid-19 care (some of us still are in that place). Social distancing—and the touch deprivation it causes—is an effective tool to limit infection, but it's not healthy for extended periods. That's why, when we first started sheltering in place, we recommended using all our senses to establish and maintain connections, and provided ideas to give our touch receptors healthy input (like foam rollers, cozy blankets, and lotions for foot and hand rubs). Touch is an essential nutrient for our nervous system. It's not optional. And while we have all been "making do" with other types of connection, touch can not be replaced. There is no equivalent.

As we mindfully bring more people back into our physical space, it's important to find ways to touch that are nourishing and low risk. This New York Times article on how to hug safely is an excellent resource.

Thanks to those of you who joined us for our final  "Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business...During a Pandemic" Zoom meeting. This group delved deep, and it was a joy to be with you. Elements is perfect for times like these, when we have to take a fresh look at everything, such as the "what when and how" of our businesses and the thorny ethics issues arising for us. We wish you all well in mind, body, and spirit.

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