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We are delighted you’ve chosen to spend time with us at Touch Matters, where we’re dedicated to deepening health and connection through skillful and compassionate touch.

In our monthly blog, we will speak to our therapist community and our community at large. We have a lot to learn from one another and a lot of good work to do! You can sign up for our monthly newsletter as well!

At this moment, we’re in the process of submitting our book, Elements of a Successful Therapeutic Business, to our publisher. We believe the best way for practitioners to build a sustainable business is to base it in a solid therapeutic model, and that’s exactly what we present in the book. We’re so excited to bring this resource to our colleagues. You can expect to have our book in your hands in September 2019 (if everything goes the way WE think it should!). Stay tuned for pre-orders!

One of our most useful resources for staying present and centered in the midst of a sometimes chaotic life is the set of skills taught in the Healing From the Core curriculum. We use the skills we've learnt through our many years of study both in our clinical practice and in our personal life every day. In early May, Kate will be co-teaching a two-day class in the basics: Skills to Energize Your Life. We think everyone can benefit from this class, and encourage you to check it out. If you're not in the San Francisco Bay Area, there are classes held throughout the country and beyond!

Thank you again for joining us and please stay connected with us with via Facebook and Instagram.

We would love to hear from you, so do let us know what is of interest to you. And please share our site with any friends and colleagues you think would benefit.

In gratitude,

Kate and Robyn

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